Greendale People Visited Historical Sister Community Last September

Some Greendale folks visited Greenbelt, MD in September.

I know it's almost nine months later but I just got in touch with the Patch editor in Greenbelt, MD. and she shared the following link with me.

Members of the Greendale Historical Society visited the Greenbelt community in September of 2010 even before Greendale Patch launched last December.

For those of you who don't know Greendale is one of three greenbelt communities built under President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal after The Great Depression. The other two are Greenhills, OH. and Greenbelt, MD.

It's said that the plans for the original homes in Greendale were accidently exchanged with Greenbelt's, which is why Greendale has attics and Greenbelt has basements.

mary mainella June 10, 2011 at 01:58 PM
I guess what is more important than the names of the fun folks who went on the Greenbelt Express is noting that the community of Greenbelt, Maryland did NOT have its plans mixed or exchanged with those of Greendale. Our Greendale never was suppose to have basements mainly due to financial constraints. That's all there is to it, altho the other notion makes for a great story!


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