Heat Wave or Snow Storm?

Answers seem to be torn.

Yesterday I was standing outside at the Greendale Football stadium for no more than 20 minutes.

I felt drops of sweat. That's is rare for me. I hardly ever sweat. Then I started to get dry mouth and nauseous. I'm not a big water drinker so I had no one else to blame but myself. Needless to say, I quickly hurried on home to my air conditioner.

During hot weather I start missing winter. Then again during snow storms I miss summer.

I posted the question on Greendale Patch's Facebook page, "Do you prefer this heat wave or a snow storm?"

Four Facebook fans preferred the heat and five fans preferred the snow. Here are some of answers:

Stephanie Falksen said she prefers, "The heat wave... don't have to spend hours outside cleaning up after it!"

Linda Laurich Raab answered, "Snow storm! Love to make a big pot of soup and watch the snow fall. Hate the heat"

Mike Boehm said, "Snow! If it's cold, I can always put on more clothes. If it's frigging hot, I can only take off so many..."


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