True Blood Star Kristin Bauer von Straten Paints Picture for Charity

Bauer von Straten, who plays Pam on the hit HBO vampire series, is a Caledonia native. She recently painted a portrait of costar Stephen Moyer that is being auctioned off for charity.

Actress Kristin Bauer von Straten is using another of her talents to raise money for—and awareness—of anti-poaching efforts in Africa.

Kristin, who grew up here as Kristin Neubauer, married South African singer Abri von Straten. She got her big break as Pam in HBO's True Blood, but her first artistic endeavors were on paper and canvas

And even though acting pays the bills, she hasn't stopped painting. Her website's fine art section says she is hoping to complete enough pieces for a show. 

Earlier this year, she raised money to fund a documentary about poaching in Africa, where rules against ivory sales and trading have led to a ramp-up in the illegal killing of animals to harvest the material. That documentary Out for Africa is in the works.

Now, according to Look to the Stars, Bauer von Straten is using her fine art talents to help raise more money for the documentary. She painted a picture of True Blood costar Stephen Moyer as vampire Bill Compton, and is auctioning it on eBay. Bidding is currently at $2,025; the auction ends Tuesday.


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