Griddlers Café Closing Isolated to Menomonee Falls Restaurant

The popular late night eatery's owner forced to close business due to undisclosed health concerns in that village, but five other locations, including Greenfield's remain open.

Don't worry, Greenfield. Your late-night dining options still include Griddlers Cafe.

That's not the case, however, in Menomonee Falls. Don Hensiak, co-founder of the now five-restaurant franchise, said Falls Griddlers owner Diane Neavins was forced to close the eatery due to undisclosed health issues. Neavins has operated a George Webb or Griddlers franchise at that location since 1985.

“The owner Diane Neavins has decided to shut down that location due primarily to some health issues,” Hensiak said. “It’s a small business that really requires the time and dedication of an owner and operator. She’s been trying really hard, but just hasn’t been able to be there.”

Hensiak said he doesn’t have a lot of details at this point about the closure — as it happened rather suddenly just a day ago. However, there still may be hope for Griddlers in Menomonee Falls.

“We are hopeful there could be a chance we get another owner in there, but the Falls location will be closed indefinitely. We won’t know anything for at least a couple weeks,” Hensiak said.

Neavins owns the building that Griddlers is located in, and Hensiak said that adds another wrinkle into the future plans for the Falls location. Patch has contacted Neavins, but her phone signal has been busy throughout the morning and early afternoon.

Griddlers, which used to operate as a George Webb, opened in fall 2011 after several Webb franchise owners decided to split from the family and start something new. Perhaps more accurately, they wanted to hold on to the old ways.

The other five Griddlers locations are open and business is humming. The other franchises are located at 10706 W. Greenfield Ave., West Allis; 4160 W. Loomis Rd. and 7510 W. Layton Ave. in Greenfield; 2012 W. Layton Ave., Milwaukee; 211 N. Chicago Ave., South Milwaukee.


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