Jordin Sparks Dishes On Third Album While at Southridge Mall

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks visited Greendale over the weekend to promote her new fragrance at Southridge Boston Store.

Everyone, be jealous. I got to meet Jordin Sparks. That’s right, I got to sit next to the winner of the sixth season of American Idol.

All humor aside, Jordin was one of the sweetest, most energetic people I have ever met. The 22-year-old recording artist, songwriter, and actress was a ball of energy as she sat down with me Friday in where she was promoting her new fragrance Ambition.

I was starstruck. Who wouldn’t be with a beautiful and talented person like JORDIN SPARKS? I managed to keep my composure and act professional. Here's how it went:

Me: Tell me about your fragrance.

Jordin: This is my third one. Now that I have done the first two — I love the other two — for me it's just being involved in the process. It’s something I really wanted to do. Ever since I was little, I wanted a fragrance of my own. My mom had this really pretty vanity and had them everywhere.

What was different about making this fragrance was that I probably spent three to four hours in the lab looking at shapes of bottles. I didn’t think it was it going to be so elaborate. There were so many to choose from. The way it looks, the bottle, even down to the way the box looks.

The fragrance has a lot of the things that I really like currently. White Tea is something I have been obsessed with lately. I have always loved citrus so I put some of that in there. Musk and Tahitian vanilla is in there as well. I love vanilla-scented anything, so I had to make sure that was in there. There’s a bit of mint leaf. I like the fruity smell and for me I picked a berry.

Me: How’s the promotion going so far?

Jordin: It just started yesterday. It hasn’t been too crazy. But the stuff is going to the stores and we’ve been using social media before getting it here. It’s been getting out to all the stores across 24 states. This is my first stop.

Me: What’s next in your career?

Jordin: When I’m not doing these sorts of things, I’ve been in the studio working on my third record. It’s been the awhile since my last one. Like three years ago. I mean in terms of society today and getting things out like now, it’s been a long time since I put out a record. 

I grew up listening to Mariah and Whitney. They really knew how to work both the R&B and pop sides of music. That’s what I want to do. It’s definitely going to have a pop appeal but it will also have that R&B in it as well.

Me: Are you working on anything else besides music right now?

Jordin: I wrapped another movie in August. Sparkle just came out on DVD today so I’m really excited. I’ve been meeting with directors and doing more auditions to do more movies. I got one in the early process right now. I haven’t been casted but I have been really talking to them. I’m crossing my fingers that I get it. Who knows? After the album comes out I’m sure there’ll be a tour and a whole bunch of promotional stuff. I have a busy year ahead of me.

Me: What would you tell other girls aspiring to get into a music career?

Jordin: Really make sure it’s what you want to do. It’s a lot of fun but there is a lot of sacrificing and hard work. It’s a lot of travel and sleepless nights. If it’s something you really want to do and are passionate by all means go for it. One of the things I always want to tell people is be considerate of other people’s time. Being aware of other people’s time is a big thing. And researching the people who came before me and anyone who is out right now, like Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Patsy Cline, and Etta James.


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