Secondhand Jewelry Dealer Denied License

A Greenfield business owner had his secondhand jewelry dealer license revoked after officials found false and misleading information on his application.

A Greenfield business owner had his renewal application for a secondhand jewelry dealer license denied after officials found false and misleading information on the application.

The Greenfield Common Council originally approved a license for Francisco Sandino, owner of , 6205 S. 27th St., on May 15. But the council revisited the approval Tuesday and reversed course.

In years past, Francisco Sandino filled out the application for his Greenfield store. He was listed as the owner on this year’s application, which had his daughter Nathalie Sandino listed as the applicant.

City code requires an applicant to disclose instances in which their license, or those of anyone else listed on the application, may have been denied, revoked or non-renewed in other municipalities.

"That required disclosure was not made by this applicant," Greenfield Police Chief Brad Wentlandt said. "We alerted the council to information received from West Allis and Milwaukee regarding the status of licenses in those communities. After reviewing the Greenfield application for renewal it was apparent that some of the information provided did not line up with the information we had from other law enforcement sources."

One of Sandino's denials came in June 2011. The city of Milwaukee denied licenses for Cash N' Gold, 1214 S. Cesar E. Chaves Dr., after police determined he was not following proper record-keeping procedures.

Editor's note: Francisco Sandino had his application for renewal denied; he did not have his license revoked, as previously reported by Patch. We regret the error.


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