Southridge Management Reacts to Old Navy Closing

Southridge Mall released a statement in response to Old Navy's departure. The mall say it will continue to bring new stores and restaurants.

Despite the closing of the store at , mall management says it will continue its aggressive renovation plans by bringing in new stores and restaurants.

Old Navy, , was the chain's last store in the southern Milwaukee County. The next closest stores are in Brown Deer and Brookfield Square. 

The closing comes at a time when Southridge is in the process of finishing a with the help of $16 million TIF District from the village of Greendale. This renovation has brought in new stores like and .

While the reason Old Navy is closing is unclear, Southridge released the following statement in response to media inquiries:


As part of this transformation, a remerchandising plan is in place to continually bring new stores and restaurants that enhance our retail offerings.  
There will continue to be retailer movement and relocations throughout the property as part of the remerchandising plan.  We are dedicated to providing our shoppers with a quality shopping experience that includes dynamic retail stores and restaurants.  
The renovation will also provide significant updates to the mall’s interior and exterior, new amenities and an overall fresh new shopping environment for the Greendale community and our shoppers. 

Karen June 23, 2012 at 06:07 PM
I agree with Bill Mack. More middle of the road chain restaurants will not bring any upgrades to Southridge. Panda Express and Longhorn Steakhouse, not so much in the classy venue. It still amazes me that any of the young people--from any part of town--- have so much time and money at their disposal that all they want to do is "hang out with their buds, walk around, and have a drink, and sit and talk". For hours? More than once a week? I must admit that I like the look of the new Macys...and hopefully when it is finished Boston Store will be easier to navigate and hire some friendly personnel.
Bill Mack June 23, 2012 at 06:16 PM
I agree with Karen and I neglected to add Bartolottas Restaurant as great addition to the village, I know they will do well.
Criba August 17, 2012 at 01:58 PM
If your at the mall to shop, then shop and stop worrying about what others are doing<------I think this is probably the thinking that was going on at Northridge and that didn't bode very well for Northridge did it? I think the renovations at Southridge are a nice change for Southridge that should bring a good increase in revenue but if the mall manager/owner does not adopt a youth policy soon, we will see some of the same things at Southridge as we did at Northridge. They should not wait for gun shots to happen in order to do this. And yes, I think Southridge is very much in the realms of the possibility of this happening And while I don't feel unsafe shopping here, even at night, I don't appreciate VERY loud obnoxious teens, with their pants hanging of their a**** !
Former Old Navy Employer February 02, 2013 at 08:15 PM
I have worked at this mall, At Old navy for 3 years and left a month before closing. Us employees were not allowed to talk about the closing, which came to a surprise to the public, since we only gave customers 3 week notice of closing. We were not allowed to put up "we are closing" signs. The Mall Managers said it would put an eyesore to our mall and storefront. The picture you see above, was taken down 3 times by mall officials. As an employee, we were let in on many details about the malls renovation before they started what stores were to come, and how the mall wanted to move Old Navy to a smaller location and area of the mall where there was not much foot traffic. Gap inc is all about location in the mall. They want the best of the best. They were not going to settle down and be put into the end strip of the mall where no one goes too. The spot where Old Navy was located, was bought out years ago. We knew our time was up. A lot of our employees were with no jobs after the closing. We were informed that we were officially closing, 1 month before the store actually closed. Which is why I left. NOTE: Souhtridge did not want to get rid of Old Navy, Gap Inc was not happy about the situation and moving of the store so they shut there doors because they could not reach an agreement. But only 2 weeks later of closing, They came to agreement, and now Old Navy is coming back. But the store will be much smaller. 20,000 sqf to 13,000.
JustMe February 02, 2013 at 08:20 PM
Hope the quality of the clothes gets better.


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