Southridge's Hallmark Not Closing, It Will Relocate Instead

Hallmark in Southridge might be closed temporarily, but a Southridge representative says they are working to find them a more suitable space. Mall representative also says there "a lot of moving pieces."


Everything left on Hallmark's nearly-empty shelves was 90 percent off Friday, but the store is not closing.

, but mall officials clarified Tuesday that the store will relocate, not shut down.

Southridge Mall media representative Les Morris said management is working with Hallmark to find "a right size, more suitable space."

Morris would not say if another business is moving into the Hallmark space, but more information information is expected next week. He said there are "a lot of moving pieces" in the mall right now. 

 and , , , , ,  and  have recently completed renovations. Boston Store is undergoing an $8 million interior renovation with the help of a $3 million TIF district.

The entire mall is under renovation. The  project is being completed with the help of a $16 million TIF district from the Village of Greendale. This renovation has brought in new stores like  and . 

Bren June 27, 2012 at 02:08 PM
I appreciate the mall management working with this Hallmark branch; hopefully no one will lose their job.
Carol June 27, 2012 at 02:36 PM
Glad Hallmark is not closing! But why are they selling things at 90% off??? I can't believe they let Old Navy go, cause that was a great store. Wish they'd open up a Kitchen store again. No more "young" clothing stores. How bout shops where us adults shop??


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