Starbuck's Adopt-A-Family Gives Christmas Gifts to Children

A Christmas tree with tags featuring the name a child and a suggested gift for the boy or girl has rolled out at the Southridge Starbucks, in hopes that customers will help make Christmas merry for families.

My heart melted today when I noticed that a 10-year-old boy was asking for pants for Christmas on the Adopt-A-Family tree at Southridge Mall Starbucks. 

So I grabbed the tag and headed straight to JCPenney for some pants.

In collaboration with the Salvation Army's program Starbucks has Christmas trees with name tags of a suggested gifted for children who don't have much.

Customers take a tag off the tree and bring the unwrapped gift back to the store by December 15 with the tag attached to the gift. 

Gifts are suggested not to exceed $25. 

If you feel that you might have a little more to spare this holiday season stop by and grab a tag. Tags have things like clothes, CDs, movies, toys and more. 


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