Valentine's Day Greendale Guide: Get Something, Anything!

Last minute guide for the gentlemen of Greendale.

The day that many couples dread and love at the same time is around the corner. 

Women are looking forward to those fantastic Valentine's Day gifts while most men are probably stressing about getting a last minute gift. 

Men, I advise you to get something, anything! It's not true if a woman tells you that she doesn't need anything for Valentine's Day. She may not need anything but she wants to feel special. There is nothing worse for a woman than to skim through Facebook and see all the gifts her friends are getting while she sits at home empty-handed. 

Flowers are always nice and there is nothing better to accompany flowers than chocolate. So let Greendale's local specialty candy store  help you out with treats like chocolate covered strawberries and apples.

Jewelry is always appreciated. You can go the fancy way and stop by  and get her some diamonds.s has some great items like scarves, purses, shoes, etc.

As for dining options, the Greendale Village Center has tasty food.  is the perfect place for a Valentines Day lunch. Share a shake with your sweetheart.  and 's Pizza have scrumptious food with a romantic and fun atmosphere. End the night with a delicious heart-shaped cake from 

Gentlemen, moral of the story is to do something. It can be as simple as a card and a homecooked candlelight dinner. Hell, even take-out works. Just make sure to remind your honeys how much you love them.


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