Time to Unite and Defeat Scott Walker

Kathleen Falk has been compromised by the unions and should take the high ground and endorse Tom Barrett.

Please check out a new group on Facebook asking Kathleen Falk to unite with Tom Barrett in defeating Scott Walker in the upcoming recall election.

Although I admire Kathleen and feel that she has the highest ethics and integrity, I am afraid the unions have co-opted her and created a perception that she is a one-issue candidate. I do not think she is; I have much more respect for her accomplishments and goals.

However, perception becomes reality, and of the utmost importance is the recall of Scott Walker and returning the Wisconsin values that Scott Walker has been assaulting.

Please read my reasoning in more detail by visiting the Facebook group.



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Tom Barrett April 25, 2012 at 08:44 PM
BAD BAD BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.newstalk1130.com/pages/common_sense_central.html?article=10075572
Tom Barrett April 25, 2012 at 09:44 PM
Falk good, Barrett bad? http://wisupnorth.com/2012/04/editorial-how-can-wisconsin-democrats-vote-for-tom-barrett/
Luke April 26, 2012 at 02:50 AM
What a load of crap. There are a couple of problems with the way that some of the rags are reporting this story, but to it's credit, the Patch did not make ALL the mistakes that some are making. Buried at the end of the JSONLINE article, we find a passing reference to the fact that that Wisconsin is ONE of only 18 states to have a statistically significant decrease in unemployment durning the last year. In fact, unemployment has dropped from 7.6% to 6.8%. You wouldn't know that from the headline, because the Journal used the Dem's press release headline, verbatim. Shocker. So that's Scott Walker's record in his first year. It's one that Obama wishes he could have had in his first year. What about Barrett's record? The Patch alludes to the issue by quoting the Walker press release, yet the Journal does not. Barrett has been the mayor of Milwaukee since 2004. 8 years. During that time, the number of unemployed has increased a whopping 30%, and that's with a decreasing overall population in the city. In other words, the 30% statistic is lower than it otherwise would have been because there are FEWER people who want to live there. In addition, a UWM study has declared that Milwaukee is now the 4th poorest city in the nation. Another study documents that Milwaukee has 9 of the 10 worst high schools in the state. Milwaukee is a cesspool. Thank you, Mr. Barrett.
Tom Barrett April 26, 2012 at 05:25 AM
Hot off the press. Is this bad? http://wclo.com/news/2012/apr/24/walker-policies-paying/
David Tatarowicz April 26, 2012 at 03:21 PM
@ TB As noted earlier this is just "cost shifting". The costs of insurance have not gone down, the payment of those costs were simply shifted from the government entity that agreed to them in negotiations with their labor, to the labor itself. Nothing that Walker has done has addressed the fundamental issues of why costs are so high --- as hospitals continue to shift their facilities to higher income suburbs and actually overload the capacity in those suburbs, they have to raise their charges to pay for those expansions. NOTHING is done to regulate those un-necessary costs ! Instead of focusing on government teachers and DPW garbage men and electricians, etc., let's pass a law (and just for sake of discussion pretend it would be legal in the private sector) that all Law Firms must increase the contribution of their partners to pay more for their health insurance costs. The Law Firms can claim that they have lowered their costs --- which they have by shifting them to their partners. But they have done nothing to improve health care quality or costs by doing so. In essence all that Walker has done is RAISE TAXES ON A SELECT GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS --- Government Employees! It is estimated that Teachers have lost almost $5000 of their income to this new Tax on their Income. Since they are government employees it is legal --- but is it fair? Cops and Firefighters didn;t get hit with this new tax -- since they already paid up (off) to Walker with contributions.


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