Monday Miscellany: Books, Movies and Glee!

A little bit about books, a little bit about movies and (more than) a little bit about TV.

While it's true I generally have books on the brain, those of you who have been reading my little blog since the very beginning know that I sometimes blog about other entertainment-related topics. Since there seems to be a lot swimming around in my thoughts (even if I can't quite wake up fully regardless of a large mug of coffee this morning) I'm doing a miscellany topic dump post.

  1. Glee: Thus far in the season, I'm slightly underwhelmed. I think Kate Hudson is awesome as Cassandra July and I love her scenes. But the previews for this week's episode is giving me palpatations - Kurt and Blaine breaking up? Finn and Rachel splitting apart (again)? What is going on?! That is all just madness. Plus, I haven't yet felt the urge to download any of the music so far. I do like the new gal in New Directions, though. And Puck's half-brother has promise, too.
  2. Doctor Who: After yesterday's Packer win, I gently persuaded (read: begged) for control of the remote and watched the third and fourth episodes in this season's Doctor Who series. I'd been seeing some slightly spoilerly posts on Facebook and I didn't want a full-on spoil, so I figured I needed to partake before everything was ruined. All I have to say is that I'm broken hearted. I cried and blubbered and shouted, "This sucks!" through my tears and my mom diligently handed me tissues and shook her head sadly in my direction. I knew the Ponds were leaving this season and, for as sad as I am, their departure was, quite simply, brilliant. Devastatingly sad for this fan, but brilliant nonetheless. Can't wait for this year's Christmas special! (Oh, and I totally want this shirt.)
  3. Hotel Transylvania: Cute, but not quite cute enough to justify the $17 I spent on matinee tickets for me and Mom. The best parts are in the trailer. ("Thanks, but I'm scream cheese intolerant so . . . polite pass.")
  4. Ree Drummond: I've been listening to the audio book version of Ree Drummond's autobiography. (She's The Pioneer Woman on Food Network for those of you who didn't know.) Honestly, I'm loving it. Hearing her tell the story of how she met, was wooed by and fell in love with her very own Marlboro Man has made me laugh out loud several times during my daily commutes. And her cookbooks are outstanding - definately ones I'd like to add to my collection.
  5. Speaking of books . . . I have, of course, been doing a lot of reading. I paged through the very lovely book, "The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World" and devoured "Crescendo," even while being simultaneously frustrated and disappointed. But not enough to stop me from heading to the library website and requesting the next book. I'm also 100 or so pages into "Voyager," book three in the Outlander series I've waxed on poetically about so frequently. And I'm about two-thirds of the way through "Whiter Than Snow," which is surprisingly captivating to me.
  6. Dancing with the Stars: I have really enjoyed this show since the beginning. However . . . I'm starting to feel worn out by it. It's beginning to feel like such a huge time committment. But, I have to watch and cheer for Kelly Monaco and Bristol Palin. So I'll just keep a book handy while it's on.

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St. Swithin October 02, 2012 at 10:13 PM
I want that shirt, too. But it should come in Tardis blue.


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