Celebrating Greenfield Patch's First Anniversary

The site launched Dec. 29, 2010.

Remember the first time someone said to you, "Did you see Greenfield Patch today?"

The typical response was probably, "What is Greenfield Patch?"

We've come a long way in a year, huh?

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Greenfield Patch. On this very day in 2010, someone somewhere “flipped a switch” and this website was born.

In the time it takes to snap your fingers, Greenfield had its very own daily online news site.

Quick show of hands: does anyone remember any of those first stories? It’s OK. I’m probably the only one who does. The first featured story was a . A and a were among the others.

Since then, we’ve probably shared thousands of different stories with you, and hopefully, some of those stuck more than that initial batch.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about where Greenfield Patch started and where it is today. The impressive number of people who visit the site daily; the nearly 400 people who like us on Facebook (we’re at 396 and claiming 400 or more likes in a year would be much cooler. I’m just saying) and 235 that follow us on Twitter; the stable of bloggers who contribute regularly, keeping the site fresh and informative.

The number of Patch supporters out there is humbling, and if I name names, I'll forget someone for sure. And the things I’ve gotten a chance to do because of people who believe in Patch have been a tremendous highlight. “Teaching” a social media seminar at Center for Enrichment probably tops the list, with helping the Greenfield Fire Department “” a close runner-up.

Over the last 12 months I’ve had the privilege to tell many personal stories about many amazing people. From retirements to to to … the list goes on and on. I’ve established many relationships and perhaps most unexpectedly, made many friends.

I had a lot of lofty goals for Year One. I wanted to become a recognizable face within the community. I wanted Greenfield Patch to become a trusted, balanced and accurate news source. I wanted to develop sources, keep people informed and tell the stories that mattered. Most of all, I wanted to become an expert on all things Greenfield.

I’ve made strides, but I’d be kidding myself if I could say Greenfield Patch perfected any of those things. The site has a lot of room to grow. It’s evolved, and will continue to do so, and hopefully I, along with your help, keep it headed in the right direction.

Personally, the last year has been the most interesting, and at times difficult, one of my career. But I’ve slowly become more comfortable no longer being a sports guy. Remember, for 10 years prior to Patch, , covered and thought about. The switch to Patch was not only a professional adjustment, but a huge personal gamble as well.

Thanks to all of you for making it well worth it.

Karen December 29, 2011 at 05:02 PM
I would like to receive it in a newspaper format instead of line by line information. Maybe you can tell me how to have it sent to me so that I can read it in the "home" format which I have work to get to. Information on businesses, special events, restaurants and local shopping should be more current. Possibly easy links to some of these locations or sites where more information can be found. I think it's a good start for a new venture. I do take time to read it everyday if there is news that interests me. So...basically keep up the good work and I will enjoy the improvements as they come along.
Jeannette Lucero Alvarado December 29, 2011 at 06:45 PM
I'm just going to copy/paste what I posted @ Fb for those who aren't on our Friends list and correct a few typos while I'm at it:) Hau oli la hanau David and Greenfield Patch! I can remember when Mayor Mike told me about you and the good works of Greenfield Patch :) I was soooo excited at the thought of a new venue to spread the goings on of our city and, of course, all things Bakers Square, Scouts, Chamber of Commerce, 4th of July and whatever else that came to my mind in the occasional blog that I write for ya. I dont know if you realize it or not, but you helped to realize a dream for me - of sorts - does blogging for Patch qualify me to say that I'm a published writer? LOL. Can I list it as my previous writing accomplishments in the book that I've been writing for some time now, "Diary of a Midwest Pineapple?" :D Seriously, thank you for your much needed support of my many interests. May you, yours and Greenfield Patch DOUBLE your likes and enjoy a safe, healthy and bountiful Hauoli Makahiki Hou!
Steve Rogers December 30, 2011 at 07:35 PM
absolutly love it ~ thanks Dave for all you have done we are blessed as a city to have you as our Greenfield Patch editor & chief


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