Days Of Dreaming at the Greenfield Library

Greenfield parent, family enjoys free programs at the library.

Well, we have a week of summer vacation under our belts and you might be wondering, "How is it going?"

As to be expected, some good and some not so good, but we took full advantage of the free programs at the Greenfield Public Library

The Days of Dreaming program Monday afternoons at 1:30 p.m. kicked off with a magician! La Bak performed all sorts of tricks and magic and taught the kids a trick or two while he was at it. His show was geared at the grade school set and they were the ones most attentive and in awe. I think you have to know what is not supposed to be possible to appreciate the tricks.

The show was literally standing-room only as the mayor bumped the show out of the community room and to the upstairs portion of the library. I think the community room would have been bursting at the seams just as well, though.

La Bak performed rope/knot tricks, many card tricks, the old ripped-up-paper trick (which he explained to the kids how it is done... with a twist) and told lots of stories. There was a geography slant to the show and I have to admit, most of the tricks had me scratching my head. It was pretty amazing.

Each child also received a free "trick" to take home. The trick is pretty cool and no matter how many times my husband "explained" to me how it works, I still don't get it. 

Next week, naturalist David Stokes will be the featured act for Days of Dreaming. I have seen him before and he is very entertaining and fun! We are looking forward to seeing him again!

We also attended the free children's movie Tuesday at 2 p.m. The movie was Megamind (which I loved) and was well-attended, but thankfully not overcrowded. Free popcorn, lemonade or soda was served until it ran out (I'm quite sure every child received at least one). It was nice to be able to walk my 4-year-old around the library when she was restless and leave the older ones to watch the movie. (By the way, in addition to floor seating for the children, there were plenty of chairs).

Tonight we are looking forward to Mr. Mark's Stories From Europe at 6:30 p.m. Each week he is reading tales from a different part of the world (the theme is "One World, Many Stories"). We love Mr. Mark's storytelling; he never disappoints.

I really love that all of these programs appeal in some way to all three of my girls (ages 4 - 10). And, if something doesn't appeal to one of them, we are right there in the library to wander around and read!


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