Father's Day Contest Winner

We asked Patch readers to tell us about their Dads - read the entries here!

The third Sunday of June has arrived — Father's Day.

Did you get your dad a present? Have you made any special plans with him for today? Would you consider him the best dad in the world and why?

We asked you to tell us what makes your father special for a chance to win a $30 gift card to the restaurant of your choosing. Here are the essays which were read and judged by Patch Staff:

Crystal Robin Carter wrote: "My Father is an amazingly funny, bright, proud, colorful, free-thinking man who lives to help others...some how managing to dodge the potholes that life puts in front of him- actually choosing the dirt road and avoided the easy way out.  I asked him why he always seeks out the tough jobs and he sincerely looked at me and said "When there's a fork in the road of life, I take the challenging road so someone else doesn't have to."  He pursed his lips and started to smile...kind of proudly and he said, "Plus I knew when you followed me, you'd be challenged to be the best you could be and you'd never be alone."

Amy Cardin wrote: "My Parents adopted us 3 Native American kids. I always wanted to be Daddy's little girl. He spent 40 years in the Air Force and continues to work to this day. Even after a hard day's work, he still manages to do endless chores, last-minute car rides, and provide a colorful array of wisdom and share comforting advice while never asking for anything in return. I believe he should win, $30 isn't a lot, but will mean more to him that all his efforts and triumphs didn't go unnoticed."

Bev (no last name given) wrote: "My father is the greastest in my world as he always participated in my life events from very early on.  From ballet on Saturdays to piano lessons, and taking me to baton lessons (where we'd always get McDonald's sundaes on the way home!), he even joined us for Christmas caroling with the Girl Scouts; he always made it clear how much he cared for me and my sister through his actions. His honesty, hardworking (never accepts a handout mentality), and compassion are a few of his strongest attributes. He volunteered his time at the Wildlife Ark with my mother to assist injured animals as well as teaching Sunday School.  After a long day of work, I remember him walking downtown with me to get strawberry lifesavers as a little treat as he knew it would bring a smile to my face!  In my 20's I remember my father relentlessly caring for my ailing mother. He changed her (as you would a baby), cooked for and fed her, bathed her, colored her hair when she'd request it, shaved her legs and even painted her nails until the very end when she passed in 2010! He is still young in his early 60's and his light shines ever so brightly! He works full-time and is constantly recognized as a man to respect by his fellow employees. He has a strong faith in God and that love pours out through his words and actions. I wish I could get him a Father's day gift that would say "THANK YOU" in the biggest way possible!

Thank you to all our essay writers. Congratulations to the winner of the $30 restaurant gift certificate, Amy Cardin!

We sincerely hope all of our readers enjoy Father's Day in a way that is special and meaningful to you, your fathers and your families.  


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