In Other Words: Books on Personal Finance

You work hard for you money, so learn how to get your money to work for you through tools available at the Greenfield Public Library.

The has many resources to help you understand the basics of personal finance, invest your money, repair your credit, create a budget, prepare for retirement, and much more. You work hard for you money, so learn how to get your money to work for you.

Managing Your Money All-in-one for Dummies. 2009.
If you don’t even know where to begin on the road to financial wellness, this book is a good starting place. Managing Your Money All-in-one for Dummies can help you set up a budget, get out of debt, start saving for future, and answer your financial questions.

Be thrifty : How to Live Better with Less edited by Pia Catton and Califia Suntree. 2010.
Having troubles sticking to your budget? Be Thrifty gives you lots of tips on how to save some extra money in many practical ways you might not have thought of on your own.

Suze Orman's Money Class. DVD.  2011.
Even if you hate to read, we’ve still got something for you. Suze Orman is an internationally acclaimed finance expert who offers advice for financial wellness in today’s volatile economy.

Credit Repair by Robin Leonard. 2011.
Learn how to pay off debt, work with creditors, and improve your credit score.  This book is for anybody trying to deal with debt, no matter how big or small.

Managing Money by Nan Bostick. 2012.
Managing Money was written to teach high school students personal finance basics from creating a budget to choosing a bank. This is the perfect resource for teens who have their first job and need to learn how to make some tough financial decisions.


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