Last Call: How Will You Remember the Brewers Season?

It was a disappointing finish, but what was your favorite memory from the 2011 baseball season?

This morning I had the unenviable task of explaining to my 4-year-old that the Brewers’ season was over.

While she was fast asleep, the Brewers played like they were sleeping, or sleep-walking, serving up as many home runs as serves burgers.

"But when do they play again?" she asked, clutching her pink Brewers bear named "Braunie," after her favorite Brewer who she insists is “Bryan” Braun.

"Not until April," I said.

"But that’s a long time," said the little girl who went to her first game this summer and does a spot-on “Beast Mode” performance.

Of course, as 4-year-olds tend to do, she seemed to get over the stinging news I delivered fairly quickly. Sesame Street was on and she was focused her star of the week tenure that began at school today.

It’s her dad I’m worried about. I had a hard time sleeping last night and couldn’t help having a feeling of wanting more.

I withheld the rest of the depressing news from my little girl this morning, that her second favorite Brewer, Prince Fielder, likely played his last game ever for our team and that if history holds true to form, she’ll be 33 years old, or just about as old as I am now, when the Brewers have another magical season like this one.

But that’s exactly what this season was: magical. Sure, the Brewers had their shortcomings, especially over the final two games of the season. At times their defense let them down. Their starting pitching faltered down the stretch. And a team never gets as many clutch hits as their fans insist they collect.

But you don’t luck your way to a combined 100 wins in the regular and postseason. You have to do a whole heck of a lot right for 6 ½ months of the year, and the Brewers did just that.

It was a great season to be a Brewers fan. General Manager Doug Melvin’s huge off-season trades to upgrade the pitching staff. Ryan Braun and Fielder forming a dynamic 1-2 punch that can be mentioned in the same breath as Yount and Molitor. Nyger Morgan’s game-winning hit in Game 5 of the NLDS. The list goes on and on.

The season might have ended with a pair of stinkers, but it was a summer and fall filled with great memories. Which one was your favorite?


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