Stulls' Roots Grew Deep in Greenfield

One of Barbara Stull's ancestors owned the historical society's log cabin.

City Hall got a special visit Monday from Les and Barbara Stull of Bluffton, S.C.

According to the city’s historical society, Barbara’s ancestors, the Lavies family, owned 80 acres surrounding the present City Hall, operated the nearby Root Creek post office, served as town chairman and treasurer, donated land for a nearby church and operated two thriving saloons, back when whiskey was 50 cents per gallon.

Another of Barbara’s ancestors owned the historical society’s log cabin, which has been moved to its present location on 56th and Layton Avenue.

The Stulls are in town for Wednesday’s 10th annual historical society dinner: “Tavern Tales From Whiskey Corners: 19th Century Greenfield’s Thriving Saloons and the Families That Operated Them."


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