Bar Scuffle Ignited When Patron Grabs at Bartender

One man who was helping remove some unruly women was knocked out by another man.

Witnesses say the actions of two women who were upset with their service at a Greenfield bar — more specifically that they had been cut off — set off a barroom brawl that resulted in one man getting knocked out.

According to the Greenfield Police Department report, several witnesses told police the two women began arguing with the bartender at Gas Lite West, 4305 S. 84th St., Jan. 20. One person said it was because the bartender stopped serving them drinks. Several witnesses told police one of the females reached across the bar in an attempt to grab the bartender.

When she did, some men began to push the trouble-causing women out of the bar. As they did, a man punched a 35-year-old Greenfield man in the head, causing him to fall to the ground just outside the bar entrance. Once he fell, witnesses say one of the women being escorted out began to punch the Greenfield man in the back of the head.

When police asked the man who had been hit what happened, he said someone attacked him but he did not know what he had been hit with.

Several days after the incident, police contacted the Greenfield man, who told police he could not recollect any of the events that transpired that night, was intoxicated during the incident, and did not want to pursue charges because he could not identify who punched him.


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