Cocaine Dealer Tricked Into Bigger and Bigger Sales, Police Say

A Greenfield man was led by Brookfield police into arranged drug buys of one, then two, then four ounces of coke at a time, according to the complaint charging him with multiple felonies.

A Greenfield man was tricked into selling ever-larger quantities of cocaine to a police informant before Brookfield officers swooped in to bust him and leave him facing serious felony charges, according to a criminal complaint.

Danny Sanchez, 35, was charged Monday in Waukesha County Circuit Court with one count of possession of cocaine, a Class I felony; one count of manufacturing or delivering up to 40 grams of cocaine, a Class D felony; and two counts of manufacturing or delivering more than 40 grams of cocaine, Class C felonies.

The most serious charges carry penalties of up to 40 years in prison.

According to the criminal complaint, just over a year ago a confidential informant told police that a drug buy could be arranged with Sanchez, whom the informant knew at the time as "Don Deoro." The buy would be the next day, Jan. 6, 2012, for one ounce of coke, and would take place in the parking lot of the TJ Maxx store at 12575 W. Capitol Dr.

Detectives gave the informant $870 in buy money, with the serial numbers of the bills recorded. The informant was wired for sound, and detectives watched and listened as Sanchez showed up on scheduled, got into the informant's car and bragged about the high quality of his dope.

The informant turned over the bag of white powder after Sanchez left, and police weighed it and tested it. It was indeed cocaine, 27.1 grams' worth.

Another buy was arranged for Feb. 1, this time for two ounces of coke at a price of $1,975. Sanchez showed as planned, the deal went down, and the informant turned over 53.7 grams of the genuine article.

On Feb. 17, police planned to lower the boom on Sanchez when their informant arranged to buy four ounces of coke from him for $3,800. The deal went down, and police descended on Sanchez as soon as the informant was safely out of range.

According to the complaint, Sanchez agreed to give a statement in which he said he dealt cocaine to make money to support his daughter – but also to support his own cocaine addiction.

There was no indication in the complaint as to why nearly a full year passed between Sanchez's arrest and the filing of charges.


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