Dropped Empty Cell Phone Box Tips off Best Buy Security

A 44-year-old Burlington man gave new meaning to "dropped call" when he tried to steal a phone while in the same aisle as a security guard, police say.

If you’re going to try to steal something from Best Buy, you should probably be aware of your surroundings.

And what you have in your pockets.

A 44-year-old Burlington man is facing charges for one felony count of possession of narcotics and one count of misdemeanor retail theft after police say he tried to steal a cell phone from Best Buy, 4610 S. 76th St., while in the same aisle as the store’s loss prevention officer.

According to the criminal complaint, the loss prevention officer heard a cellular phone box drop near Bruce Kirkeeng, who was in the same aisle. The employee saw the phone was missing from the box, which appeared to be cut open.

The employee asked Kirkeeng if he needed help, but Kirkeeng did not answer and began to walk away. While doing so, the employee saw Kirkeeng place a $200 cell phone in his pocket, according to the complaint. Kirkeeng then walked to another aisle where he placed the phone on a shelf.

After he was arrested, police found Kirkeeng was in possession of .7 grams of heroin.

Kirkeeng’s initial court appearance is scheduled for March 8.


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