Man Breaks Into Home Looking for Stolen Goods, Police Say

Police tracked the man down thanks to DNA samples left behind by the 34-year-old Milwaukee man, who broke a glass patio door.

A 34-year-old Milwaukee man who told police he was just trying to get back items stolen from him is accused of breaking into a home in the 3300 block of West Cold Spring Road.

Brad Cummings-Schertz was charged in Milwaukee County Circuit Court on Feb. 15, with criminal damage to property, a Class A Misdemeanor, after police say he smashed a patio door to gain entry into a Greenfield resident’s home.

According to court documents, a man staying at the Greenfield home Dec. 12, heard a noise outside and grabbed a knife to investigate. When he opened the blinds, he saw Cummings-Schertz standing outside. Cummings-Schertz then smashed the patio door and came in.

The man inside dropped the knife and fled, and Cummings-Schertz chased him with what the man thought was a large rock.

When Greenfield police officers arrived, they found muddy footprints and blood throughout the home. They traced DNA samples back to Cummings-Schertz, who told police a month earlier his apartment was burglarized and electronic items were stolen.

Cummings-Schertz told police he was led to believe his items were at the home on Cold Spring. He said he was surprised to see the occupant holding the knife and took a swing at him with a crowbar-like object, which caused him to smash the door.

He said he looked around the home for his items but could not find his stolen property and felt bad because the occupant may not have been involved after all.

Cummings-Schertz, who was also charged with disorderly conduct, faces a maximum of a year imprisonment and $11,000 in fines if convicted of both charges. He is due in court April 1.


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