Man Charged in Greenfield Drunken Driving Accident

Police say Eric Jackson had liquor bottles in his car and claimed he drank a bottle of brandy before driving.

A Greenfield man is accused of getting into a car accident Friday after polishing off a bottle of brandy and then deciding to drive.

Eric A. Jackson, 28, was charged in Milwaukee County Circuit Court on Sunday with one count of second offense operating while intoxicated. If convicted, he faces up to six months in prison and $1,100 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Friday, Greenfield police officers were called to a two car accident at South 27th Street and West Cold Spring Road. When they arrived, Jackson was sitting behind the wheel of his Pontiac Grand Am with the door open.

While an officer was looking at Jackson for injuries, he smelled alcohol coming from inside the car. He then asked Jackson if he was injured, but Jackson responded “just take me to jail,” and got out of the car, according to the complaint.

Jackson sustained injuries in the crash, so he wasn’t asked to take field sobriety tests, however, officers looked inside his car and found a half full pint of E&J Brandy, an empty bottle of vodka, an empty bottle of brandy and an empty can of Mickey’s Malt Liquor. Jackson said he drank a bottle of E&J just before the accident occurred.

Jackson was convicted of his first OWI on March 5. He’s currently in custody in $250 bail.  


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