Man Tried to Flood Apartment, Police Say

The 60-year-old Greenfield man stuffed a towel in his bathroom sink and left the water running, according to the Greenfield Police Department.

A 60-year-old Greenfield man police was taken into custody by police and transported to the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex after they say he tried to flood his apartment.

Police were called to the man’s apartment on West Cold Spring Road at 7:50 p.m. May 9, after the property manager told police the man stuffed a towel in his sink and left the water running, according to the Greenfield Police Department report.

The report indicates Greenfield officers were aware of the man’s behavior; just one day earlier, an officer sent out a department memo stating the man’s doctor had contacted him and said the man was off his medication to treat schizophrenia, had become highly paranoid and could pose a threat to himself and others. The doctor added the man had been drinking, causing his condition to worsen.

And just after midnight May 9, officers checked on the man at the apartment after a neighbor called with concerns because he said he had heard the man talking to himself and crying. Officers at that time determined the man was fine, according to the report.

That same neighbor told police he heard the man swearing loudly later that afternoon and then leaving the apartment. The neighbor went to the basement and found a significant amount of water leaking through the basement floor.

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Once the property manager was inside, he found a towel stuffed a sink drain, causing a bathroom sink to overflow. Police said there were numerous beer bottles, pizza and other items all over the floor in disarray.

The man was eventually taken into custody.

The amount of damaged caused by the overflowed sink was not indicated in the police report. It is not clear, based on the report, if the man was cited or charged with a crime.


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