Mom Allegedly Asks Witness to Lie to Police

Her son allegedly entered a Greenfield homeowner's garage with the intent of stealing a bicycle, so she texted a witness and told her to tell police he wasn't involved.

A 38-year-old Milwaukee woman is accused of asking a witness to lie to police after the witness saw her son allegedly attempting to steal bicycles from a Greenfield home.

The mother caught wind that her son was one of two 14-year-old Milwaukee boys stopped by police following an incident in the 3300 block of West Bridge Street at 11:30 a.m. Aug. 2.

According to the report, one of the two boys entered a residential garage in the neighborhood, while his friend watched from the sidewalk. The homeowner saw the boy and yelled at him to get out.

When police found the two boys, they said they were going to another friend’s house – a boy named “Jacob” – and had simply gone to the wrong residence.

Later, however, the boys admitted they were at the house with the intent of stealing one or more bicycles from the garage, and that they had stolen two more bicycles a few days earlier.

A witness who knew the boys but does not have a son named Jacob, showed police a text message from one of the suspect's mothers asking her to lie to police:

“Please pretend you are Jacob’s mom and he is not home. (Suspect) is with the police. Please just say Jacob’s home, but you know (suspect), okay? … Just say my son’s not involved.”

One of the juveniles was cited for prowling and the other was booked for attempted burglary. He was ordered to Children’s Court on Aug. 23, for a review of the charges.

His mother told police that she suffers from anxiety and makes bad decisions because of her condition. She was issued a citation for obstructing an officer.

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