Open Fire Burn Permits Halted Throughout City

As grass continues to brown out, home and business owners are at risk for accidental fires and should take necessary precautions.

Despite a significant rainfall over the weekend, hot temperatures and dry weather have increased the likelihood of grass or yard fires.

As a result, the has halted the issuance of open fire permits throughout the city.

"The dry conditions persist despite the rain we had earlier this week," Greenfield Fire Chief Jon Cohn said. "Open burning is no longer allowed. Great care should be taken even when correctly using fire pits and grills."

Grills and portable fire pits can still be used, even though the lower third of the state, including Milwaukee County, has been classified as having a high forest fire risk by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Conditions are as bad, , when the DNR issued emergency burning restrictions.

One of Cohn's major concerns is business and residential landscaping featuring mulch. Home and business owners used the material in the spring to improve their property's aesthetics, but as the mulch dries out, a combustible material now rests adjacent to and against structures.

"Throughout the Milwaukee Metro area, we have seen several exterior fires that extend to the structure," Cohn said. "So, extreme care must be taken around mulch with grill/fire pit ashes and cigarettes discarded properly."

Cohn suggested waiting a week before dumping or bagging grill, fire pit and fireplace ashes, or storing them in a metal container away from structures until they are completely cooled.


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