Paper or Plastic? How About a Tin Foil Bag Instead

Police say Samuel Fabian used a homemade tin foil bag during an attempt to shoplift four video games from Best Buy. What he forgot he had in his pocket landed him in more hot water.

A 37-year-old Franklin man used homemade tin foil bags to conceal four video games during a shoplifting attempt at Best Buy, according to the Greenfield Police Department.

And police say he got in more trouble when he forgot to leave his baggie of heroin at home.

Samuel Fabian was charged with felony possession of narcotic drugs and misdemeanor theft of movable property Oct. 14, after he was arrested by Greenfield police at Best Buy, 4610 S. 76th St., five days earlier.

According to the Greenfield Police Department report, a Best Buy employee told police he saw Fabian take four Xbox 360 games off the shelf and into the bathroom while the employee watched him on the store’s video surveillance.

The employee told police he stopped Fabian at the front doors, after Fabian walked past the cash registers with the concealed items, which were contained in a homemade tin foil bag. Police say that type of bag is commonly used to neutralize the store’s anti-theft detection devices.

The four games, all copies of NBA 2K13, totaled $231.96.

While searching Fabian, police say they found .06 grams of heroin in a baggie in Fabian’s pants pocket. Fabian told police the heroin was his and that he did not realize it was in his pocket, according to the report.

Fabian plead guilty to a felony possession of narcotic drugs in 2011.

Carolyn Tyler October 20, 2012 at 02:47 PM
What is it about "Thou shall not steal" some people just don't understand?
Lee October 20, 2012 at 04:02 PM
You are so correct. You made my day!


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