Why Does it Smell Like Smoke in Greenfield?

Smoke is coming from Minnesota wildfires.

The received at least one phone call this morning reporting smoke throughout the city. There have been, however, no reports of a fire in the area.

Even when you step outside just about anywhere in the city, it's hazy and there is a smell of smoke. So where is the fire?

Surprise, it’s not even in Wisconsin.

It is believed that the smoke is coming from the northern Minnesota wildfires.

"We think it could be the Minnesota fires," Interim Fire Chief Jon Cohn said. "We just took a call from a resident about smoke in the area, and we think that’s what it is. We might put a message out to Greenfield residents that if there is a smell of smoke in the area to report it, but that, if I can confirm that's what it is, that it's from the Minnesota fires."

Cohn said he planned to get in touch with a local meteorologist to confirm the source of the smell and haze that has settled in over the city.

CBS in Minnesota is reporting that the cold front is pushing the smoke throughout Wisconsin. The Ripon, WI, newspaper is reporting its community is smelling smoke.

Residents and campers in the Boundary Waters are being asked to evacuate the area where the wildfire is, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Department of Health Services (DHS) has received numerous calls from local health departments and citizens in eastern Wisconsin about heavy smoke odors, ash and concerns about smoke inhalation.

A satellite image of the smoke plume can be seen here.

The DNR issues elevated fine particle value advisories when the 24-hour standard (an average of hourly measurements) is exceeded. DNR monitors are showing hourly peaks above the standard, but the 24-hour average is not being exceeded so no advisories have been issued.

From the perspective of DNR, however, temporary peaks in elevated fine particle values can cause problems in sensitive individuals (those with chronic lung or cardiovascular disease) even if the 24-hour standard has not been exceeded.

The DNR is monitoring the values and aware of this smoke incident and will issue advisories if necessary.

In healthy people, symptoms of smoke exposure usually include irritation of eyes, nose and throat, or breathing discomfort, and more severe symptoms may include chest tightness, wheezing, shortness of breath, and coughing. Smoke exposure can aggravate chronic lung or cardiovascular disease.

Depending on the smoke concentrations and an individual's sensitivity to smoke, actions to take include remaining indoors with the doors and windows closed, using a high-efficiency particulate air filter on air conditioners, reducing other sources of indoor air pollution and leaving the area if an individual has particular sensitivity.

According to athletic director Scott Otto, the high school's afternoon outdoor sporting events and practices were to go on as scheduled.

That curly headed nigga September 13, 2011 at 10:33 PM
The smell is evidently strong in Milwaukee's North Side, a very funky odor, almost irritating actually.


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