Police: Woman Stole Packers Jacket, Gave False Name

Tiny Jones and an accomplice took a Green Bay Packers jacket, and told police officers her name was Mattie Smith, according to the criminal complaint.

A 57-year-old Milwaukee woman is facing charges after she was arrested for stealing a jacket with another woman from a Greenfield store, then later lied about her name to officers, police say.

Tiny Jones was charged in Milwaukee County Circuit Court on Tuesday with one count of retail theft, one count of obstructing an officer and one count of bail jumping. If convicted, she faces up to 27 months in prison and $30,000 in fines.

On Sunday, Jones and another woman walked into Tuesday Morning, 4930 S. 74th St., grabbed Green Bay Packers jackets and walked toward the entrance, causing the alarm to go off, according to the criminal complaint. The women then went and asked an employee for a key to the bathroom, left one of the jackets with the employee and went into the bathroom.

They emerged a short time later without the other jacket, which they told the employee was in the bathroom, the complaint said. When the employee looked, however, it was not there. Jones and her accomplice left in a car, that was later traced back to a man living in the 5400 block of West Greenfield Avenue.

Jones pulled up to the residence in the car, and when she was approached by police officers, Jones said her name was Mattie Smith and she denied being at Tuesday Morning, the complaint said.

She was arrested, and later admitted to her real name and stealing the jacket, according to the complaint. Jones was assigned a $2,000 signature bond and has been turned over to the JUSTICE 2000 program for supervision when awaiting trial.


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