Woman Charged in Car Break-Ins at Fitness Centers

Peggy L. Delange allegedly helped two men in smash and grab purse thefts in Greenfield and Tosa.

A 23-year-old Milwaukee woman is facing charges after she was caught allegedly helping men break into cars in parking lots of health clubs in Greenfield and Wauwatosa.

Peggy L. Delange was charged Saturday in Milwaukee County Circuit Court with one count of entry into a locked vehicle and one count of receiving stolen property. If convicted, she faces up to 18 months in prison and $20,000 in fines.

According to the criminal complaint:

On April 30, a woman was working out at the Greenfield and afterward found her car had been broken into while it was parked in the parking lot. Missing from the car was a $300 Coach purse, cell phone, memory card with pictures, $5 cash and a debit card.

On May 9, Delange was apprehended by West Allis police officers, and she told them she drove a man to the health club, where he broke into the car and took the items.

She said she then dropped that man off, picked up her boyfriend and drove him to in Wauwatosa, where he broke into a car there.

At the time Delange was taken into custody, she was carrying a Coach purse stolen in the Wauwatosa theft with broken glass inside and another Coach purse with the memory card from the Greenfield theft.

Delange will make her initial appearance in court Aug. 23.


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