Woman Turns 'Stun Gun' on Store Employee

An employee at Party City wanted to see what was in her purse after he thought he caught her shoplifting.

When an employee at Party City, 5058 S. 74th St., asked a woman to show him her purse after he thought he saw her conceal items, he was shocked — almost literally — at her reaction.

The employee told police that at approximately 12:30 p.m. Oct. 22, he watched two women whom he thought were acting suspicious as the made their way around the store, according to the Greenfield Police Department report.

He thought he observed one of the women conceal an item in her purse, and asked her to see it. When he did, the customer yelled vulgarities at the employee and refused to show him the contents of the purse, the employee told police.

The employee then told the women to leave the store, and when he asked again to see one of the women’s purses, she took out what he described as type of stun gun and sparked it in his direction.

The women then walked out of the store to their vehicle and drove off.

No one was injured, and the employee was unsure if any items had been taken.

Peter J G Chiconas October 31, 2012 at 04:41 PM
What happened to common curious? I do get that the women may have been offended by suspicion being cast on her. But as a retail employee I would hate to be threatened in my own store!


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