Wal-mart Construction Starting Soon in Greendale

Village staff and Wal-Mart are working on a construction schedule.

The construction of the new Wal-Mart at the old U.S. Bowling Congress site on 76th street is moving forward and should start soon.

Wal-Mart recently completed real estate transactions. The Village of Greendale and Wal-Mart will be finalizing the demolition and construction schedule in the coming weeks.

Wal-Mart representatives have stressed that this particular store will be a neighborhood store meant to service the community within a 2-mile radius.

During the approval process U.S. Bowling Congress owners and village officials said that it took

The current property where Wal-Mart would be is valued at $4 million. Since the site is not a TIF District once development is done the value of the property would go up to about $10 million or more, which would improve the village’s tax base, according to a press release from the village.

“We are pleased that Wal-Mart has chosen to purchase and transform the abandoned American Bowling Congress site into a new smaller grocery/merchandise footprint. This project adds significant value and tax base for Greendale and provides area shoppers more retail depth within the 76th Street business corridor,” said Village President John Hermes.  “It's another important project adding to the larger excitement ongoing within the Southridge commercial area.”


  • In December 2010 the Village of Greendale approved a $16 million TIF Distrcit to help the $52 million renovation of .

The mall renovations, which have started already, will include new interior and exterior features and amenities like flooring, lighting, redesigned mall entrances, signage and a fully renovated and updated Food Court. Renovation plans also include the addition of Macy’s as a new anchor.

  • In March 2011, the General Capital Group closed on the purchase of three acres of land and secured financing for a 90-unit independent living senior housing complex along the S. 76th St. Corridor, adjacent to Southridge Mall. The Village of Greendale approved its first TIF district help this project.

The $17 million development, known as Berkshire-Greendale, is currently under construction and expected to be completed in early 2012.

  • In September the Greendale Village Board of Trustees to approves the creation of a third tax district of $2 million for the $8.5 milllion dollar interior renovation of in Southridge Mall.

A press release from the Village of Greendale states, "In recent years, it has been a top priority for the Greendale Village Board to explore various options for energizing a revitalization of the 76th Street commercial area, as we’ve seen most recently through numerous new developments in the Village."


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FL Born December 02, 2011 at 02:41 PM
Unfortunetly, most of Greendale Residents won't do their homework and the Village President and 2 trustees will once again be elected. No one else is up for it. We attend many of the Meetings and you're lucky if more than a handful of residents show up. I think everyone would be shocked to learn that all but one Trustee passes just about everyting through, including the School District taking over the Ole Cop Shop and Fire Tower. The burden starts with $100,000 tax dollars and is expected to go as high as 1-2 million. Our property values continue to drop and our Tax bill continue to rise. With the Walker Tax cuts their is no reason for our Tax bills to go up at all.
Catherine December 02, 2011 at 02:57 PM
Yes, Carol L., there are more serious things to worry about in life but this is something that is happening in our own back yard and is an issue that is controversial and divisive. By discussing this, there is the possiblity that a compromise/solution or understanding might be obtained. However, in other communities where Walmart has come in, local businesses have had to close their doors due to Walmart's predatory retail practices. In a few years Broad Street will be a ghost town. The reason that the Village Board couldn't oppose the sale was because it was a private transaction. Greendale does not/did not own the land that the Bowling Conference sold. Unfortunately, the residents of Greendale are now left to deal with this unscrupulous and unwelcomed invader and all the problems that this will bring.
JustMe December 16, 2011 at 04:43 PM
The area of land doesn't seem large enough for a Wal Mart/Super Wal Mart.
Poky 43 January 16, 2012 at 11:54 PM
wait til that mix of customers flows into the "High End" Newly remodeled Southridge mall! HAHA. They are the same people, southridge will be a pig with a dress on!
Robyn Love December 07, 2012 at 01:13 AM
I think it's going to be amazing as an employ there I believe that there will be much more pleasant greetings and wonderful new merchandise! I don't agree that it will be bad or "ghetto" whatever that should mean, at all it looks amazing. Just my opinion. Not every Walmart is the same btw. Besides I think their going to be taking out the other stores that barley get business over there so I heard.


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