County Executive Vetoes Zablocki Park Improvements

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele said a plan to spend $1.3 million of Community Development Block Grant money, including $220,000 on Zablocki's baseball fields, violated Housing and Urban Development guidelines.

Upgrades might be the only improvements the park sees, at least for now, after Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele vetoed the County Board’s plan to use $220,000 to renovate the park’s baseball fields.

Last month, the County Board adopted a resolution allocating Community Development Block Grant money totaling $1.3 million for various projects, including the baseball fields, .

But according to Abele’s written veto memo, portions of the CDBG spending did not comply with Housing and Urban Development guidelines and were ineligible for the funding.

“To ensure the county continues to receive CDBG funding in the future, I am vetoing this and intend to work with the board to create a package that meets federal guidelines and satisfies the goals of the County Board,” Abele wrote.

County Supervisor John Weishan Jr. told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he’ll try to get supervisors to override the veto at Monday’s County Board meeting.

Wayne Chamberlain April 14, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Abele hasn't a clue about what's good for our county. Frankly I'm appauled that no one ran against him.


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