City Will Keep Land Coveted in Buddhist Temple Proposal

The Planning Commission was not in favor of vacating the right-of-way wanted by temple officials and needed to build a proposed 8,100-square-foot temple near 43rd Street and Edgerton Avenue.

A proposal to build a Buddhist temple in a residential neighborhood west of 43rd Street and Edgerton Avenue in Greenfield faced many, .

But perhaps the biggest - the city's decision not to vacate a half-acre of land that could be used in the future to build a street - has proven to be the biggest hurdle of all, so far.

On Tuesday, the city's Planning Commission decided against vacating the land temple officials needed to build a 8,100-square-foot temple, according to Greenfield NOW.

The story says temple officials will go back to the drawing board and bring back another proposal, one that will likely fit on the one acre of land temple officials own and would not require the city's property.


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