Scott Walker: End to NFL Lockout Unites Us All

Governor dismisses any personal responsibility for forcing league's hand, but he's happy it's over and so is all of Wisconsin — red and blue alike.

The final question for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in a Thursday media conference on the 2012 presidential race was decidedly non-political — and Walker did turn it into a strong non-partisan message.

How does he feel about the return of professional NFL referees to the game?

The governor, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, reporters and a roomful of supporters in the Wauwatosa GOP Victory Center erupted in laughter. But then Walker got serious — or semi-serious.

Walker said he had been on a broadcast show earlier Thursday morning, "and they said, 'And now, the governor who brought the NFL to their knees.'

"I'd like to claim credit for that, but I think — no," Walker said.

Walker had famously tweeted Tuesday from his @GovWalker account, “After catching a few hours of sleep, the #Packers game is still just as painful. #Returntherealrefs.”

"I was with a number of governors on Wednesday morning, and to a person — now, granted, Washington state Gov. (Christine) Gregoire wasn't there — but every other governor said we got robbed.

"Aside from just being a Packers fan, we know it here in Wisconsin, not just in Green Bay but across the state, it's a great part of our state's heritage, it's a big part of our attitude on the day after a game, and it's a big part of our economy.

"So for people to continue to have confidence in the NFL — some people tried to make hay out of the fact that the NFL referees are a union — I don't care whether they're a union or not, I just want them to be back, and I'm glad they're back.

"I just made my opinions very publicly well known, and again, I'm just appreciative that they got a resolution, because I think all of us — that's the one thing that unites Republicans and Democrats in this state is Pack football.'"

Aside from finding some common ground in our politically polarized state, Walker said he thought it would put some more fight in the Packers.

"I'm an optimist," he said. "The one good thing I'd like to see coming out of this is (that) I'd like to see, starting with the Saints on Sunday, the Packers go undefeated all the way through the Super Bowl. Because I think there's nothing more motivating than the feeling that you've been wronged to motivate those players to move forward.

"It's not just in terms of the playoffs, or home field or no home field. In the short term, it's even enthusiasm for when the Packers are winning, just like when the Brewers were on the hunt for a while there for the wild card spot.

"People buy more Packers gear, they're out watching more games together, that helps our restaurants and our bars and our taverns. It's a good thing for our economy.

"If you ask Ron (Sen. Johnson), he's been in manufacturing for years — productivity is higher after a Packers' victory.

"So we like this for all those reasons."

Lyle Ruble September 29, 2012 at 11:42 PM
@John Wilson....Let me clarify something about the faithful LDS; they are inculcated into the belief and cultural system from birth. To observe the "Word of Wisdom" is second nature to them. Some people call it brainwashing, but that is their system. Even so it still takes a conscious choice to observe them. I agree that Mitt was a Mormon Bishop, but he was more; he was also a Stake President and had all of the wards within his stake under his control. I believe that he was the State Mission President. Not only did Mitt avoid the draft while on his mission, but on his return he spent 3 years at BYU and avoided the draft with a school deferment. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and the way has been greased for him. I don't think people outside his family, closet friends and the church leadership know very much about how the man operates. I agree he's highly secretive and if he's elected president we can expect a not very transparent administration.
John Wilson September 30, 2012 at 12:17 AM
Lyle Ruble - Thank you... I can agree with all of that. There is precious little difference between that Mormon type of upbringing than there is being raised - indoctrinated - into Catholicism, Fundamental Christianity or any other religious cult - for that matter. They catch you when you are a baby and pound this religious rubbish down your throat every day of your entire life - the only real difference between the madrasahs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. is geography. Yet, we somehow claim religious superiority and some strange enlightenment... probably because of the AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM MYTH… Just to make my position on any religion unequivocal, I am an atheist. To me, ALL religions are cults, and the sooner they disappear from the face of the planet, the better off humankind will be, serving the wishes, dreams, hopes, aspirations and growth of man. Anyone may cling to his/her religion and that is none of my business; when you begin to interject your religious dogma into my life or our secular government, then we are going to have some serious problems. I really follow the JFK statement (paraphrase) "an absolute separation of church and state." [We have nothing even approaching that now and haven’t for over a century…] Willard would install elevators in the White House for his many automobiles, start a war with Iran, turn America into a Plutocracy, decimate our economy and inform WE THE PEOPLE of absolutely NOTHING…
Bewildered September 30, 2012 at 03:01 AM
Hey Lyle, in case you haven't figured it out yet, Wilson also considered Judaism a cult that "pounds religious rubbish down your throat" too. But keep defending him. Wilson, when on my knees tonite, I will say a quiet prayer in your behave. Truly. Doesn't matter if you appreciate it or mock it, my God is a forgiving amd loving God. Now feel free to continue your hating. You're very good at it,
Bewildered September 30, 2012 at 03:13 AM
Let us all never forget what type of a man Wilson is. Repeating my post last week citing the following Wison post: "An “unborn child” is totally disingenuous and an obvious attempt to bestow attributes – typical emotional argument – upon a biological organism that they do not have. Your “unborn child” is, in fact, a fetus" for all of us, let's hope this guy isn't a father,
John Wilson September 30, 2012 at 01:15 PM
Bewildered - Indeed, Bewildered is an extremely appropriate moniker. Most of us were born with some degree of cognitive and analytical prowess… sorry you only got the christian chaos… I hope that you will one day get over your man crush on the great Wilson…


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