Shovel the Snow or Face A Hefty Fine

Shorewood is once again enlisting the help of Milwaukee-based landscape company, the Green Team, to ensure public sidewalks are cleared of snow and ice this winter.

Once again this winter season, residents could face a hefty fine should they neglect to remove snow and ice from public sidewalks.

The village enlisted the help of the Green Team, a Milwaukee-based landscape company, to patrol Shorewood after a snowstorm and identify those homes that haven’t shoveled and cleared sidewalks, last year. And, after a successful first season, the village plans to continue the program this winter. 

Twelve hours after a snow event ends, the Green Team will survey the village and place warnings on homes with snowy and icy sidewalks. Given another 12 hours, police would then go out and check the homes again.

If still not cleared, Shorewood would alert the Green Team and the company would come out and shovel and lay salt, with residents footing the bill.

Snow scofflaws will incur the cost of the Green Team’s work — $50 an hour — in addition to a $70 citation issued by police. There is also a $15 enforcement and administrative fee assessed on properties cited by police. 

EmpthyCursed December 11, 2012 at 12:25 PM
Instead of slapping people with fines right away, why doesn't the village offer a list of individuals nearby and buissnesses that residents could call? (I know we all have phone books too)That way maybe people who can't shovel (due to a medical problem or emergency etc) would have a resource to use 1st before they have one more bill to pay. Let's try helping neighbors 1st.
Cricket December 11, 2012 at 10:53 PM
I love how they call last year a "success" how could it not have been - we had no snow! That said I think EmpathyCursed is correct, let's not kill a fly with a bazooka first. There are many reasons people cannot always get to a snowfall within 12 hours. Especially during a nasty snow storm people in the medical field or other jobs that cannot close during bad snowstorms may be on duty for more than 12 hours. Also, people, if you know someone that may have trouble shoveling, don't wait for them to ask, they may be too timid to, just go do it.


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