The Return of the Patch Tour

I'm going to make a point of being out and about and accessible to you on a daily basis.

How many of you remember the from a few months back?

For those who don't, I set out on a week-long "trip" around Greenfield, making multiple stops per week, , writing about and trying out some of the .

Well, the tour, in a modified form, is back, but this time, it's not going away.

Every week day, and sometimes on the weekend, I'll be out in the city. Somewhere. Anywhere. Everywhere. (That sounds kind of creepy, huh?) I might just be popping into for a burger, or going to for a meeting, or setting up shop for the day at .

But even better, I'll be where you ask me to be. Want me to come check out your business for a few hours? Invite me. Need help setting up for the church rummage sale? Invite me. Want me to see your unique landscaping along your backyard patio? Ask me, and I'll come check it out.

Really. It's that simple. If you ask me to visit with you, or lend a hand, I will. Disclaimer: I'll probably tell you all about Greenfield Patch and maybe ask you to sign up for the email newsletter or consider blogging for the site. But, I'll also listen to your story, find out how I can help and let others know about you as well. I'm not saying I'll do a "front page" feature on everyone I meet -- sometimes I will -- but I'll post some photos on Facebook or in the slideshow.

And each week, I'll be letting everyone know where I'll be and when. I want you to know that I'm out there, building bonds between Patch and Greenfield. Today, for example, I was at the new McDonald's this morning, then set up shop in Starbucks, trying to catch up from being on vacation (It's OK that you probably didn't even know I was gone).

And Wednesday, I'll be at the Common Council meeting originally scheduled for last Tuesday. But beyond that, my week is wide open, so help me fill my calendar. Shoot me an email (David.Cotey@patch.com), give me a call (414-248-6620) or message me on Facebook, or just stop by and say "Hello" if you see me out and about.


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