Walmart Construction Nears End

The 90,000 square-foot store will opening in early 2013. It will be a market grocery concept.

Construction is nearly complete on the new Walmart store in Greendale scheduled to open early in 2013.  

Associates will begin stocking shelves in the approximately 90,000 square-foot store with a full line of groceries, and a wide assortment of merchandise in preparation for the grand opening of the new store located across the street from Southridge Mall at 5301 S. 76th Street.

“With major construction complete on this store, we are now headed into the home stretch for our grand opening,” said store manager Jason Steffen. “Next steps are to complete the landscaping and interior cosmetic touch-ups and continue associate training. We are proud of our new store and look forward to welcoming members of the Greendale community when it opens.”

This store features many energy-saving elements, part of Walmart’s overall efforts to reduce the total amount of energy used in stores and other operations, according to a release from the store. These features include LED lights in signage, freezer cases and the parking lot. This technology uses about 50 percent less energy than traditional lighting.

Approximately 200 associates will be employed at the new store, and applications are still being accepted for full- and part-time positions in all areas of the store. Interested applicants can apply online athttp://careers.walmart.com.

The Village of Greendale first approved the construction of the Walmart at the former U.S. Bowling in summer 2011. 

The Greendale Walmart Chick-Fil-A will be constructed on one of the outlots. 

Bren December 14, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Cow, nationally Walmart employees are among the highest accessers of state-run healthcare programs for low income people. No surprise, since Walmart pays a national average of $9/hour and has a practice of hiring people part time to avoid expense. In response to your question about people leaving better-paying jobs to work at Walmart, let me respond with a question of my own--shouldn't getting a job at a company such as Walmart, which is large and profitable enough to afford providing excellent employee benefits, preclude the need for BadgerCare?
NickiH December 14, 2012 at 10:32 PM
This is a grocery store, not a regular Wal-mart. Regardless of what wage is being paid, it's bringing 200 jobs that didn't exist into our communities. Will it bring crap into town, not any more than Southridge already brings in. Many people believe that $9/hr is not a livable wage, but they are not doctors, accountants or lawyers, and unless you want to start complaining about food prices, because they are paying their employees a lucrative wage, then I wouldn't complain. I for one, have multiple friends who have worked for Wal-mart since high school, they are advancing, getting tuition reimbursement and have decent benefits including profit sharing. So, unless you know the facts and have $20 to pay for milk, I wouldn't complain. Thank you Walmart for coming and expanding our economy in a time when it sucks!
Bren December 15, 2012 at 12:01 AM
Please watch: "Walmart, the high cost of low price." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jazb24Q2s94
CowDung December 15, 2012 at 02:15 AM
Bren: Yes, Walmart employees are commonly on programs like Badgercare. Presumably, a person seeking a job at Walmart is either already on Badgercare or is already working another job. People don't suddenly decide to sign up for Badgercare because they are in the employ of Walmart, they sign up for Badgercare because their income level makes them eligible--accepting a new job at Walmart isn't going to decrease anyone's income. It seems unfair to criticize Walmart for practices that are common to that business sector. Are other stores hiring full time employees to work as cashiers and stockpeople? $9/hour isn't out of line with the type of jobs that Walmart offers. As I indicated with my links above, Walmart's pay is comparable with Pick n Save, and you'll find that their pay is pretty much in line with other department stores. If people want to earn a higher wage, they need to have the skills/education required to do more valued work and get better jobs.
Bryan K. December 16, 2012 at 05:51 AM
There's always the select few that like to preach to us on all the pages here about Walmart. Thanks for that, but most people would agree that this store will help this retail corridor and will be an asset to the mall area. Hoping this brings even more stores to the mall and 76th street!


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