Board Member Rick Moze Apologizes for Comments About Administration

He is the second Greenfield School Board member to issue an apology at a board meeting in October.

For the second time this month, a Greenfield School Board member issued a public apology to the district’s administration.

Three weeks after questioning the administration’s handling of board-staff communication policies, including accusing Superintendent Conrad Farner of sending out an email and posting signs referencing the policy, Rick Moze backtracked Monday.

“I need to apologize to Mr. Conrad Farner and his administrative staff,” Moze read from a statement Monday.

“Further research by me showed that there were notices made and posted at Greenfield School District buildings, although they were not in reference to policy 3112 or 4112. I also have not been able to obtain the emails that were in reference to 3112 or 4112.

“Again, I apologize to Mr. Conrad Farner and the administrative staff and anyone else for statements made … be assured I will not make that mistake again.”

Farner said there was no email sent out regarding the policies.

On Oct. 4, board member Cathy Walsh apologized to district business manager Kristin Kollath for comments she made about the district’s handling of Fund 80.

Board member Pam Sierzchulski said the apologies should be used as lessons for all board members.

“If we’re bringing something forward that we hear in the community ... get the facts first,” Sierzchulski said. “Address the person it’s concerning first before you bring it here and at least give somebody the chance to explain, clarify or disavow before we bring it here.

“It’s very good that people apologize. That’s wonderful. But the damage is already done. Let’s not make that mistake again. Let’s be respectful of each other and make sure what we’re bringing forth to this table is verified factually and not through hearsay. If we can do that, I think we can all get along around this table.”

SickOfThe Naysayers November 16, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Wow - amazing - no comments re: Mr. Moze's apology after he lied to the citizens of greenfield re: Mr. Farners actions. Where are all his supporters now? That apology was too little too late. I watch these meetings and I am amazed at the adults that act worse than the grade school children they should be representing. Mr. Moze should be ashamed of his actions. Listening to gossips and speaking against others without verifying the facts.


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