Glenwood Elementary Students Celebrated Earth Week in Big Way

The students and faculty at Glenwood Elementary School did their share during Earth Week with a variety of activities geared toward going green.

The students and faculty at did their share during Earth Week April 23-27.

Principal Dan Carr said the students participated in a handful of events geared toward "going green" and other Earth Day-like initiatives.

The week of events culminated in a school-wide clean-up day April 27.

One activity involved milk cartons. Each class receive used, cleaned milk cartons, enough for every student. The students were tasked with coming up with an activity that re-used the cartons in some fashion, either through functional uses or with an artistic flair.

The "paper waste activity" involved students collecting paper in their class's blue recycling bin and having their paper waste weighed at the end of each day. The class with the most amount won a spirit award.

And then there was the "Lights Off Campaign." Each day at 2:30 p.m., classes were asked to "power down" their rooms, reminding students to be mindful of energy use and how it relates to our planet.

In addition, each class was asked to create persuasive writing pieces relating to Earth Week. The writings were gathered and bound together in a book for the school's library.


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