Glenwood Teachers Made Into Human Sundaes

The event capped off the school's reading campaign.

Students at enjoyed watching two of their teachers being made into sundaes Thursday afternoon.

As part of the school’s Caterpillar Crawl Reading Challenge, a program that encourages students to read on their own at home, teachers Catrina Grosz and Julie Eisenhauer put on goggles and rain ponchos and let the three students who read the most during the challenge cover them with sundae toppings. (Be sure to watch the attached video!)

The “Sundae Ceremony” was the culminating event that celebrated and drew attention to the importance of reading at home.

The students read at home, filled out a record sheet and had it signed by a parent. The students then turn in completed reading sheets to their teacher. For every sheet a student turned in, one piece of the caterpillar’s “body” (a paper circle with the student's name on it) was added to the wall in the hallway outside Grosz's room.

In order to attend the sundae ceremony, students must have returned at least one signed record sheet.

The participating students logged approximately 1,800 hours of reading during the program.


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