Middle School Food Drive Culminates with 'Soup-er Friday'

Whitnall Middle School students hoped to raise 10,000 pounds of food for the Hunger Task Force.

Before Super Sunday, there must be “Soup-er Friday.”

l concluded its weeklong food drive for the Hunger Task Force on Friday morning with an event that turned into a mini Super Bowl prep rally.

Students and teachers, nearly all clad in their Green Bay Packers gear, gathered in the cafeteria to collect the last of the donations and broke out into chants of “Go Pack, Go” for television cameras and news reporters.

This is the third year the school has held the food drive. In 2009, the school collected 8,700 pounds of food and last year it collected 9,300. This year’s goal was to top 10,000.

“Every year we try to set a goal of doing a little better than the year before,” said Mike Seavert, a middle school math teacher, who helps organize the drive each year. “It’s too early to tell yet how many pounds we raised, but regardless of how much we brought in, I’m very proud of these kids and how they are here to help the less fortunate in need.”

The totals will be announced next week.

“Every year, Mr. Seavert and the student council come together and make this work,” said eighth-grader and student council member Vince Piacentine. “Every year, we get more and more food. I think we’ll get 10,000 (pounds) because there are so many cans. I’m very impressed. We came together as a school.

“We’re fortunate because we have a lot of food, but there are people out there that cant’ even afford breakfast or lunch. The food drive is important for them.”

The drive began Monday. Each class earned points for items donated with bonus-point items each day. The class with the most points per student at the end of the week will receive a pizza party.

Friday’s bonus item was soup.

“We named it “Soup-er Friday” and it ties in very well with the Super Friday spirit day in honor of the Super Bowl,” Seavert said.

“It is a lot of work but the work is very rewarding. It all pays off. When you see it all come together, it shows how generous everyone really is in helping out those in need.”

Seavert said the drive is held after the holidays for a specific reason.

“People go hungry all year,” he said. “I know a lot of schools and other organizations like to host a food drive around Thanksgiving and Christmas but we like to hold off a little bit and help the Hunger Task Force restock their shelves.”


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