Photos: GHS Students Get Dose of Reality at Mock Crash

During a mock crash demonstration on the Greenfield High School football field, juniors and seniors witness the consequences of texting, drinking and driving.

Greenfield High School juniors and seniors learned a graphic lesson about the devastating consequence of drinking and driving Tuesday morning.

Students witnessed a reenactment of a drunk-driving and texting accident that occured after a football game. Left in the wake of the accident was death, severe injuries and a 17-year-old drunk driver facing prison time.

The realistic reenactment took place on the high school's football field shortly after 9 a.m. and featured Greenfield police officers and firefighters, a Flight for Life Helicopter, rescue equipment and student actors Kyle Hanneken, Courtney Corroa, Wally Uriarte, Rubin Tate, Brayden Campagna and Amee Vang.

"Homecoming is coming up soon and we want our students to be intimately aware of the often deadly consequences of drinking and driving and texting while driving," high school Paul Thusius said. "The fact that the ‘victims’ (were) played by students and those living with the consequences by their parents, should bring with it some very powerful, emotionally charged and memorable messages.”


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