School Board Member Apologizes to Business Manager

Cathy Walsh said she overreacted and used a poor choice of words when she suggested the district wasn't following the law during a meeting this summer.

Greenfield School Board member Cathy Walsh publically apologized for comments she made to district business manager Kristin Kollath at a meeting over the summer.

On Monday, Walsh said she was wrong to say the way Kollath and the district handle Fund 80, specifically how and what expenses and revenues are reported in the community service fund, was unlawful.

Walsh said Monday she overreacted and used a poor choice of words that rightfully offended Kollath.

“I wish at this time to apologize to Ms. Kollath,” Walsh said. “It was not my intention to say that she was breaking the law. Ms. Kollath maintains a good reputation as a school business manager and my comments regarding the handling of the community service fund were not meant to reflect negatively on her.

“Many other districts also exercise the different interpretation of the law regarding the use of Community Service Fund 80.”

Walsh became concerned after viewing a presentation on the Department of Public Instruction website that said outside rental income and related expenses should be recorded in Fund 10, or the general fund, not in Fund 80.

Walsh did add she wants the district and board to take a closer look at Fund 80 and requested its budget for 2012-13 to be added to the Oct. 8 board meeting.

Kollath, who did not address the apology, said districts use Fund 80 in different ways, often determined on how a district has historically handled it, and that annual audits of the fund have never raised red flags.


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