Shorewood School Board Hires 8 New Educators

With the new hires, Shorewood will welcome at least 11 new teachers when school starts on Sept. 4. Meanwhile, the search for a new director of instruction continues.

Shorewood school officials approved a new wave of teacher hires last week — bringing the total to 11 new educators who will join the school district on .

The eight new hires include:

  • Part-time Intermediate School science and math teacher Kelsey Cappellano
  • High school social studies teacher Marieclare Kanaley
  • Awater third grade replacement teacher Amber Janke
  • Awater sixth grade teacher Jeff Cartier
  • Atwater first grade teacher Lisa Belllford
  • Atwater third grade replacement teacher Sarah McMillan
  • Part-time high school science and chemistry teacher Kris King
  • Part-time high school speech and English teacher Kyle Jacobson

Officials also approved the position of a new part-time K4 teacher. Business Manager Mark Boehlke said the district approved the position because K4 at Lake Bluff Elementary may exceed the class size they typically shoot for, and they will watch enrollment in the class to determine if hire of a new kindergarten teacher is needed. There are likely more teacher hires on the horizon, Boehlke added. The .

, including new theater teacher Joe King who take over Shorewood's renowned theater department in the wake of .

The board also gave the go-ahead to begin locating candidates for new administrators including a new director of instruction at the July meeting. A preliminary budget called for a salary of $110,000 salary and $35,700 benefits package for the director of instruction position. Several principals currently share the role.

The proposed budget also includes at a cost of $75,000, and a computer technician at $70,000. However, officials continue to mull whether to search for possible candidates to fill those positions.

from Shorewood earlier this year. .

Shorewood expects to save $257,615 due to staff turnover.

George Mitchell August 21, 2012 at 01:51 PM
New hires? How could that be possible? In this era of attacks on schools and slashes in funding?
EmpthyCursed August 22, 2012 at 03:44 AM
let the high priced ones retire so you can hire 3 new ones at a lower price...sad...sad.
EmpthyCursed August 22, 2012 at 03:46 AM
good luck and have a great year to all of the new staff!! :O) We shall miss our all those who retired and we wish you well.
N. Peske August 22, 2012 at 05:55 PM
I second EmpthyCursed. Some impressive resumes for the new hires! Welcome to Shorewood, all!


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