Board Members Want Update on District's Rec Programs

Two Greenfield School Board members requested more information on revenues and costs associated with the district's community service programs, that were put in place on a one-year trial basis last February.

More than a year after initiating a plan to pursue , some Greenfield School Board members want an update on the plan’s progress.

They’ll have to wait another three months.

The board unanimously voted to extend the program through June with the understanding that the district does not launch any new programs during that time and that the district provide an analysis of revenues and costs of those offerings, and those pertaining to the rental of district facilities like the and high school pool.

The requests came from board members Don Carlson and Dave Richlen, . At that time, the board voted unanimously to institute the programs on a one-year trial basis.

“I think it’s time to set the community services experiment be set aside and we focus on the education of our students,” Carlson said.

Richlen added, “There was a whole litany of things we were going to do and dollar amounts that were projected we’d be making with each of the individual items. … At this point, I need to see how much we’ve made and how much money did it cost us.”

Carlson said he supports the rental of the district’s facilities, but wanted more information about the successes or failures of the recreational programs and classes. Several board members questioned why the district would halt some of the fitness classes, such as Zumba, which appear to be popular.

Superintendent Conrad Farner said the unusualness of the last 14 months, which included the loss of four district principals and Director of Secondary Education John Thomsen and the implementation of Act 10 and Act 32, among other issues, has pushed the community services programs to the backburner.

He said there are higher priorities, but said a report on the programs could be completed in a few months.

In January 2011, Farner presented the board with estimates of net revenues that could be generated through the leasing and renting of district facilities and through activities. At that time, the estimate was $200,000 for facility rentals and $80,000 for programs.

“My understanding is the adult recreation activities turned out to be not that popular,” Farner said. “The rental of facilities, that’s where we’re seeing good numbers.”

Roger March 29, 2012 at 01:31 PM
Damn right we do! They spent more money on advertising the offerings that everyone already takes at Greenfield park and rec that trying to start there own! Why isn't the school Board focus on the education our future generation!


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