Tears Flow, Excitement Felt As School Starts Throughout Greenfield

Greenfield schools began the school year Thursday morning.

Tears from both eyes found their way from behind saucer-sized sun glasses down her cheeks as she walked away from the school building.  

"He's 4. He's 4. It's the first time, he's the first one," said Janelle Lombardo, moments after leaving her preschool child for the first time at on Thursday morning.  

"He'll be fine. I'll be fine," she said as she gently wipes tears from her face and laughed at her emotions. "It's just that initial shock that he is a big boy in school now."

The scene repeated itself at bus stops, in idling vehicles and at school entryways throughout the city as the school districts ushered in a new school year. 

For some mothers, however, the day was exciting rather than sad. 

"I'm very excited, he's very excited," Jodi Uszler said as she waited for the bus with her first-grader.

Uszler admitted there may be a little tear when he gets on the bus. 

"We are sad summer is over," she added. 

"I'm glad it's over… my favorite season is fall," Erica Shaw, another mother, chimed in as she stood waiting for the same bus. 

Both mothers said it was difficult to get into the school routine last night, especially with it still light out at bedtime. 

At schools throughout the district, . As  parents and buses left kids off at school, students were greeted by waves, flags, points and even signs from teachers.

"I'm excited and enthusiast for a positive school year," said middle school teacher Karli Witkowski as she held a list of on an erase board, as a reminder to students and parents. "It's going to be a great school year."


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