Visions for Vacancies: What Could be Done with Chapman Area?

The Greenfield School District's former administrative building has been vacant for nearly three years but sits on a prime piece of real estate.

In an interview with The Business Journal earlier this month, Mayor Michael Neitzke noted three development sites the city is focusing on in 2013.

Among those was the Chapman property, once home of the Greenfield School District’s administrative building until new offices were built as part of the high school renovation project.

The building has stood vacant for years but the lot could be a key piece to future city development.

Where is the property?

8500 W. Chapman, just north of Layton Avenue and west of 84th Street, in immediate proximity to the I-894 on/off ramps and just minutes away from the 76th Street corridor.

How long has it been vacant?

Since sometime in 2010. According to Community Development Manager Chuck Erickson, the city issued a building permit for the central office addition to the new high school building in mid-2009.

How big is the property?

9.7 acres. It includes a building and open space which includes a baseball diamond. Neitzke told The Business Journal there are also 10 acres to the west of Chapman that are also available.

How valuable is the property?

Because it is zoned institutional and exempt from taxes, there is no assessment value attached to the Chapman lot. In 2009, however, the district agreed to sell the lot for $6.1 million (see below).


The city issued a building permit for Chapman Primary School back in 1967, according to Erickson. The building was converted to the administrative building in 1990.

What’s it used for now?

The Greenfield fire and police departments occasionally hold training courses on the property. 

What else is interesting about this location?

The School Board approved an offer-to-purchase agreement for the Chapman parcel with Menomonee Falls-based Continental Properties in 2009. Continental Properties was looking at partnering with neighboring Steinhafels to do a larger scale re-development of the area, according to Erickson. Continental Properties, however, backed out before finalizing the agreement with the school district, which in the meantime approved a $1.9 million Administration Center addition as part of the high school additions and renovations.

Tell us — what do you want to see happen to the Chapman lot? Is there certain development you'd like to see take place there?

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