Despite Conditions, City's Fireworks Appear Safe

Some areas to the north are considering postponing or canceling fireworks shows, but Greenfield Fire Chief Jon Cohn says it's far too early to make that decision.

Fond du Lac Fire Chief Peter O’Leary put his city on alert when he said the city might have to consider canceling or postponing fireworks earlier this week, but here in Greenfield, Fire Chief Jon Cohn said it’s far too soon to make any decisions about extinguishing plans for fireworks at on July 4.

Temperatures are expected to reach the 90s this week, and the entire region has seen little rainfall this month, leaving residential lawns and parks such as Konkel dry and dormant.

But Cohn said canceling the fireworks hasn’t crossed his mind, yet.

“It’s a big decision,” Cohn said. “The fire department signs the permit, so it’s our decision, but we’d take other people’s opinions under advisement.

“Right now, we’re just keeping an eye on conditions. “

Cohn said the department was already planning some extra precautions before the heat wave rolled in and combined with the prolonged drought-like conditions. Extra firefighters will be stationed where the fireworks are launched, which is south of the park’s softball fields. And like they did last year, the fire department will wet down the launch area.

The forecast does call for a chance of rain sometime before the holiday, but any rainfall won’t make up for the how little the area has seen this summer.

“But if we get something, that would take some of the focus off,” a potential fire hazard, Cohn said.

Be sure to plans.


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