Jesse Carpender
Jesse Carpender grew up in Gurnee, IL, under the Batman ride at Six Flags. It was called five flags until she was born. After listening to the Violent Femmes, she decided to attend Marquette University where she studied Journalism (and didn't wear Ugg boots). She now works as a creative assistant in public relations and as a freelance journalist. Jesse has lived in Milwaukee since 2006; her favorite thing about the brew city is its rich socialist history. Living in Milwaukee has taught her that the following tasks are completely acceptable: wearing pants under pants, drinking beer before noon, and eating meals made predominately of cheese. She has also learned that the following things are not acceptable: not watching Sunday's Packer game, being from Illinois, and cheering for anyone but the Packers. In her spare time, Jesse enjoys writing morbid screenplays while listening to eerie recordings of 16th century string orchestra, traveling, and feeling like an anachronism. 
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